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The Taf have upped their game over summer and we are so here for it

Send us right into that overdraft drive

From new updates to their drinks menu, to a food ordering app, the Taf has gone through some hefty improvements over Summer. They're dominating the real of student drinking in Cathays and have everything you need for a chilled (or messy) night with your mates.

So what has changed you ask? Here's every detail you need to know:


Better yet, they're 2 for 1 on a Tuesday. That's £2.50 a cocktail. Life-changing.

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The only cocktail choices I need in my life.

New beer choices on tap

Coors Light? YES. Budweiser? YES. IPAs? You better believe it.

But unfortunately, we must say goodbye to our beloved Strongbow which has now been switched to Stowford Press. Gone but never forgotten.

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We all love a good Coors Light let's be real here

Actual table service

Yep, you heard it here first. The Student Union's pub now has an app similar to Wetherspoons. You can get any food or drink delivered to your table within MINUTES. Time can now be wisely spent avoiding the queues and drinking more bevs.

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You can get food and drink delivered to any SU room

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Confirmed: nachos taste better in the Taf when they get delivered to your table.

Karaoke Night

Forget Juice, the Taf is where you need to be on a Saturday night. Use the order app to get in the shots and serenade the bar to your hearts content.

P.S gone are the days of awkward standing up at the front, going up to the bar and putting your name forward. You can hide behind the karaoke app and sing where you sit, ideal.

If they're not about to sing Stick to the Status Quo from High School Musical at karaoke we're gonna be pretty…

Posted by The Taf on Friday, October 4, 2019

Food glorious food

The menu has been updated and guys, it's insane. There's much more choices for vegans and vegetarians, as well as updates to gluten-free options. Everything is on the app so it's worth taking a peek.

Also, 'Twosday' also applies to… PIZZA. You can get 2 for 1 on PIZZAS! The Taf really does get us.

Tuesday? TUESDAY? Not in this pub it's not. We go by Twosday and Twosday ONLY. Where pizzas & cocktails are 2|4|1 ?All?Night?Long?Available from 5.00pm & message us to book. LONG LIVE TWOSDAYS??

Posted by The Taf on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

So they're are all of the updates on the Taf. We love it even more than we did before, who knew that was possible?

There goes our student loan, bye x

Feature image credit: The Taf Facebook Page