Undertone has reversed the decision to ban tracksuits and joggers

Put your good trousers back in the wardrobe

Undertone sparked controversy on Facebook over the weekend by announcing they were banning customers from wearing tracksuits and joggers.

Undertone had originally said: "Reminder: Tracksuits and Joggers are no longer permitted in the venue."

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Following the announcement, many Facebook users criticised the decision in the comments section of the post, with some blaming Cardiff Council for the decision. However, the basement club later reversed the ban, claiming a staff member "misunderstood" and posted the update on the Facebook page.

The club reiterated they wanted Undertone to be "inclusive to all".

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Undertone apologised for the original ban

When asked for comment on the decision to overturn, Undertone told The Cardiff Tab: "After being heavily advised by staff members and the public that Undertone is a venue that fully supports Underground & Alternative culture, [the directors] were convinced to remove the policy."

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