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We compared Cardiff Freshers’ Week to other Unis and ours is definitely the best

Eat, sleep, SU, repeat

As you know, Cardiff University treats their Fresher’s right when it comes to fairs, freebies, and most of all club nights held in the SU. VK galore and the best burgers you’ve ever had, there’s no wonder other Student Unions’ suck at holding events for their fresher’s in comparison.

In tribute to our beloved Cardiff uni, The Cardiff Tab looked into what Freshers' is like in other UK unis and honestly, they just don't compare to us.

Reason 1: VK, Jager, VK, Jager

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Blue or yellow VK?

Imagine going to the SU, ready and rearing for a great night to find out that one jager bomb is £5?!

Well, my greatest sympathies go towards UWE students who had to endure this pain, evidently spending over £100 a night during freshers. It’s easy to do, but it’s a lot better when the money goes further than only a few drinks.

Reason 2: Snack Shack forever

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Bite into those burgers girls

Taking a break from the dance floor and heading towards Snack Shack to grab a burger defines Cardiff SU.

At Cambridge University, Freshers' events consist of formal gowns and fancy dinners. There's no way you can dance around munching on a burger in an expensive dress and long gown. And let's be honest, we'd all rather tuck into a greasy burger when we're 5 vodkas deep.


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Sweaty and shiny

With everyday having a different event, Ice Breaker sold the most tickets and with almost every fresher in the SU, it was the first taste of University life and a glimpse into who you'll study with for the next 3 years (let's hope that boy you snogged isn't on the same course).

It's pretty well known that Swansea have a shit SU so their Ice Breaker could never create the smiles these girls have in the picture.

Reason 4: So.. many.. events!!

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Classic splash on the mirror, I know it's you SU

A foam party, Triple Cooked and many more club nights showed up at Y Plas, making sure the fresher's could get very drunk to great music.

On the east side, University of Kent had boring events that were way too expensive to enjoy. Students had to travel into town to get a good night out when all we have to do is walk a few minutes, sucks for them.

They even have a pub called The Woody's. We all know the saying, if you can't beat them then join them (back off our Woody).

Reason 5: Taly & Fattoush (yes, MORE food)

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Garlic mayo is the one x

Although this has little to do with actual Freshers' Week, Talybont students understand how delicious their cheesy chips and garlic mayo is and it's right on their door step.

This is what makes Cardiff freshers' better than any others. Nottingham Trent and Bath Spa have to catch a bus home, missing any opportunity for indulgent food. Forgot Specsavers, should've gone to Taly.

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Heaven on Earth x

So quite simply, you just can't beat a Cardiff Freshers' Week. And if you think you can, we'd love to see you try. Big up the SU, Fattoush and all things Cardiff Uni x