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These are the staple ingredients every student needs in their cupboard

Who knew you could make so many dishes from one item?

Independent living and having to cook for yourself may seem exciting when you first start university, until you fall into a cycle of alternating between pot noodles and frozen pizzas.

But we've got you covered. Here are a handful of student-staples for the kitchen, which will definitely give you new meals for when you get bored of routine.

Chopped tomatoes

Just 28p at Lidl, a can of chopped tomatoes is ideal for quick and delicious meals. From bolognese to chilli con carne, chopped tomatoes will be your saviour in uni.

Pop some tomato puree, a beef stock cube and herbs and your bolognese will be ready in no time.

Pair it with chilli powder (mild or hot, we won't judge), mince and veg of your choice and you've got yourself a really simple and delicious chilli!

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If you haven't used pesto whilst being at university yet, are you even a student?

Pesto is up there as one of the most versatile ingredients. Mix it with some pasta and veg and you've got yourself a tasty pasta meal.

Bored of pasta? We don't blame you. Pesto can similarly transform a simple chicken dish. Spread the pesto on the chicken and ta-da! No more bland, tasteless meals.

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The Holy Grail x


Everyone appreciates a potato, and there are so many more things you can do with it than you probably first expected.

Grate a potato with some cheese and onion, mix with an egg and you've got yourself a rosti.

Chop them into chip-size, season with salt and herbs and you have some deeeelicious homemade chips!

Jacket Potato is a meal from the Gods, don't even try and challenge this. Tuna and sweetcorn, baked beans and cheese, cheese and onion, the list goes on.

Or if you're feeling super adventurous (and adult-like), then a Shepherd's Pie is on the cards when you have some potatoes in your cupboards!

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Ugly but tasty x


Eggs are probably the one thing you never thought you would use at university but they can be very helpful for those mealtimes where you have little energy to cook.

An omelette may seem obvious but it is massively underrated. Better yet, you can add whatever toppings you want, from bacon and tomato to cheese and mushrooms. So many options.

Scrambled egg is ideal for weekend mornings or simply when your cupboards are looking sad and empty. And let's be honest, scrambled eggs on toast is an absolute classic and we all love it.

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Even Lidl stock up on their egg shelves

If you don't have these staples in your cupboards, it sounds like it's time for a trip to Lidl for you!