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Why The Circle is the best reality TV show right now

Trust us on this one

The Circle is a reality TV show which is shown on Channel 4 every night. It is said to be the show where 'anyone can be anyone' and is essentially a popularity contest where people can go on and be themselves, or be a total catfish. The winner of the show can win £100,000 so there is a lot at stake.

So why is it the best reality TV show right now? Glad you asked, here's why:

It shows the reality of social media

The entire concept of the show is so important because it shows how much you can manipulate your online persona on social media.

The whole interaction between Georgina and 'Judy' (a catfish who is really Richard Madeley) just shows how important what we say online really is.

Georgina is super open about being a sufferer of Crohns Disease and posted a photo with her ileostomy bag on her Circle profile. Richard then sparks convo with her and after Georgina opens up and explains how her ileostomy bag has completely changed her life, Richard wishes he could speak to her as Richard not Judy.

When you're watching the show, you see right before you how important the words we say to each other really are, especially over social media. Words can have such an impact on emotions and it makes the show so much more relatable.

Georgina is open on her social media profiles and her confidence persuades everyone to live their best life.

Support for the LGBTQ+ community

Woody, who is Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim's son, told Georgina on Sunday's episode that he was bisexual. He said that after telling Georgina (who was super supportive) he felt 'a weight was now lifted'.

In 2019, this is the kinda stuff we want to see, TV shows advocating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. I mean, for Woody to be comfortable to come out to Georgina (and the whole nation) is a huge, brave step and I am so here for The Circle including this and helping him to be more confident with his sexuality.

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It's actually soooo inclusive

No matter your age, gender, sexuality or weight, you can apply and actually get accepted to be on the show.

Tim, a 58-year-old lecturer, is currently a favourite on the show being voted in the top two (THREE TIMES). For those who have never seen The Circle (but will after reading this) this means he has been the 'influencer' twice and had the power to 'block' other members in the circle.

Tim is actually himself in The Circle and being 58-years-old just proves that you don't have to necessarily be young to get far on the show. Inclusion at its finest.

It is completely different to any other reality TV show

The Circle shows the real side to social media, not the fantasy of perfect Instagram photos like others (no offence Love Island). It's a 'real' reality show, showing real people (whether they're cat-fishing or not) and their true reactions to situations, none of this reenacting arguments and scripted shows like many others are (again, no offence Love Island).

The concept of The Circle is original and actually interesting.

So, there you have it; that is why The Circle is the best reality TV show right now. Not only does it highlight the true significance of social media and the internet but it's so inclusive and allows literally anyone to participate in the show. You don't have to fit society's expectations of tanned skin, good body and advert-worthy hair.

But if you're not convinced yet, then just watch it and get back to us after you've experienced the absolute national treasure that is Tim.