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What societies wear in the SU and what it says about them

We all want to be that netball girl let’s be honest

YOLO, or more famously known as SU Wednesday. An event of the week which is guaranteed to be a messy, fun and night of regrets all in one. It’s an occasion where societies get together and make commitments, whether that be drinking someone else’s wee or licking sick off the floor. It will only end in one thing – either mistakes or a hangover from hell.

It’s also a place where people dress up in the craziest outfits. Police, Hawaii girls, bunnies, shit shirts – the list goes on. Alternatively, people like to rock up in their snazzy kit just to demonstrate to everyone that they’re part of a wider, ‘cool’ group. And it’s through this act that we learn a hell of a lot about them.

So here you have it, what societies wear and what it says about them.

The rugby lads

Let’s start with the most conventional or ‘well known society’ – the rugby boys. They’re the ones in the SU who stand in the corner, looking all macho and smart in their shirts and ties. To fit into this category, you most likely have to gym and be tall. If you don’t already know what they’re like, you may even think they look nice and presentable, even if a little scary. Well girls, looks can be deceiving. They may dress smart, but their egos are probably bigger than their … Let’s not even mention their pull rate either.

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Blue shirt and tie? See ya later

The netball girls

Otherwise known as the popular girls in school. Whilst they occasionally may go outside the box and wear something a little less cute and flattering, most of the time you will see them in their netball dresses. I mean, even with CPS HOMES stamped on their butt, they all seem to pull it off. Much like the rugby boys, they think they own a corner of the SU and can be much wilder than you think.

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Classic netball girls doing a kit social every YOLO

American Football

Whilst not as obvious as the prowling rugby boys, the American football team know how to have a bit of a laugh. And their tight costumes prove it. Whilst they still love to show off their bods like most sporty boys, they sure as hell know how to down the VKs whilst attempting to flex their biceps in the process. They’re a lads lad with an American twist.

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Give us a flex

Medics ladies hockey

The Medics Ladies Hockey are probably one of the more reserved bunches in the crowd. They turn up in the classic pink polo shirt with some skinny jeans on. After all, they probably don’t have time to go out and buy a more creative outfit if they’re trying to save the people on this planet.

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On Wednesdays we wear pink

The gymnasts

I mean, you can spot gymnasts from a mile away. Their bright glitter shines through with the YOLO spot light on them. Not forgetting to mention the boys with their tight leotards on which hug all the wrong places (thank god they’re wearing shorts over the top). It’s even surprising they made an SU Wednesday with their strict fitness regime – not sure a VK is classed as a vegetable?

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Orange and Passionfruit VK is one of your five a day x

The cricket boys

This one’s for all the private school kids out there who love to dress in a white polo and jumper whenever they can. I mean, you couldn’t look more preppy if you tried. Saying that, they are sure to be the one at the bar who will be buying all the drinks with their mummy and daddies bank account.

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Classic cricket lads

Cheer team

Another group of girls who think a fancy dress outfit consists of short skirts, a dash of face paint and a plain top. Whilst they may lack imagination, hats off to them for making some awful outfits look fit. We all know they can’t ruin their pull score in the process.

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Definition of a safe fancy dress


Hands down one of the best society outfits out there. After all, if you are not carrying a massive inflatable dick around the SU on a Wednesday, you are not doing it right. That’s a reason in itself to ignore the fact that an 18 year old girl is on a ‘hen do’ in the students union (doesn’t exactly match Ibiza).

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Ultimate hen do goals

The rejects not in costume

Lastly but not the least, this ones for those out there who go to the SU on a Wednesday without a society. Whilst you may feel ashamed and slightly left out without these idiotic costumes, at least you can still have a great night without looking like a knob.

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Jeans and a nice top? Standard behaviour

So there you have it, a breakdown of society fashion and what it says about their inner soul.

Whilst the majority of them lack imagination, at least it’s a warning to all the freshers out there. Basically AVOID anyone who has a shirt and tie on and if you're a male gymnast then kindly reject the tight leotards.