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I went to the launch of Cardiff’s new club ‘Story’ and this is my honest opinion

The club opened for the very first time on Friday 13th September


Friday the 13th's are normally ones we dread, but not this time my friends. If you're like me and usually spend your Friday nights at Smack then you’re in luck as Smack has a new home. Story Nightclub on Greyfriars Road had their launch night on the 13th September and here’s why you HAVE to go.

It's all about the Aesthetic

The aesthetic of Story is on another level, the place is decked out in a mix of neon lights with an industrial edge. With two big clubrooms, four floors and an incredible rooftop terrace, it definitely feels like the most VIP club in Cardiff. The two clubrooms are connected via an open plan room because of this the atmosphere is electric.

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Inside Story's stylish club rooms

There's FIVE bars

Say goodbye to waiting for your drinks for half an hour and only to spill them after diving into the crowd of dancers. The bars are super quick service and the drinks are cheap, you literally can't expect more from a busy club bar.

The VIP room is lit

The VIP room is a must if you want to get the most out of Story. It's traipsed in gold decor and even has a private bar, it's definitely worth the extra £££.

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Ciroc at VIP? Don't mind if I do

The Rooftop Terrace is insane

The highlight of the club for me personally is the breath-taking rooftop terrace. It's a silent disco with two different headsets available, so you can listen to your Techno or Popworld jams in peace. There's neon lights all over the trees that change colour through the night. It will definitely become one of Cardiff's most gram worthy locations.

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A silent disco on a Cardiff rooftop, student life doesn't get better than this

The music is class

If you’re a loyal fan of Smack then don't worry, the music has not changed and you can still expect some absolute bangers regardless of what room you are in (the four hours I was in there absolutely flew by). Everyone I saw seemed to be having the time of their life and I can see why. They've already announced awesome guests, from DJ Tanny T to Tommy Fury, you’d be hard pressed to find a better and most importantly affordable night out in Cardiff.

The downside

Like any club it can’t be all perfect and the queues for the rooftop terrace especially were big, but if anything, this is just a testament to how popular and unmissable this club is. To be fair, I'd much rather wait an extra 10 minutes to have a sick night at a silent disco on one of Cardiff's rooftop terraces.

All I can say is, you won't be disappointed if you are planning on checking out this brand new club.