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Students forced to move into a building site because their luxury halls weren’t finished in time for Freshers

The ‘West Wing’ halls were due to be finished by September 2019

West Wing accommodation was due to open in September to welcome new freshers to Cardiff. However, the students arrived to a shocking surprise as the halls of residence is still under construction.

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The halls are still under construction

The website states the project will be completed and ready to move into on 14th September but when Freshers started to arrive they were disappointed to see the building site.

The brand new city centre accommodation will be top of the range and consist of a media room, free on-site gym, games room, private dining area and a variety of study/communal areas.

The stylish and modern halls do come with a hefty price tag, starting at £102 per week and reaching £229 for a penthouse apartment.

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This is how the halls of residence were supposed to look like in September 2019. Image: website

However, the deadline hasn't been completely met and students are unhappy with the building site on their doorstep.

One student said: "Imagine paying up to £229pw for a room… and this being your place."

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Unfinished work to the front of the accommodation

I guess the media room, free on-site gym and a games room makes it worth the wait.