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It’s official, letting agency fees have been banned across Wales

The new law will save Cardiff students hundreds of pounds

The Welsh Government has now officially passed a law that places a ban on letting agency fees across Wales.

The law states that it is an offence to charge a tenant any fees that are not 'permitted' until the new legislation.

Ultimately, it brings an end to charges for accompanied viewings, receiving an inventory and signing a contract or renewing a tenancy. Many of which affect thousands of students across Cardiff.

Letting agents and landlords alike are now only allowed to seek payments for rent, deposits, holding deposits and payments in default (when a tenant breaches a contract) and utilities bills if necessary.

Jenny Rathbone, the Assembly Member for Cardiff Central, has warmly welcomed this law and said: "I have been campaigning for this law since 2016. Many of my constituents are… students. Saving on average around £200 on extortionate fees will make a huge difference to young people moving away from home for the first time".

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Jenny Rathbone is the AM for Cardiff Central and represents many students in the city

She added: “To have this new law in place for the time many university students begin their academic year will ensure they feel they are not taken advantage of in case of future disputes with their letting agencies.”