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It’s happening: Fight Night is introducing its first female fight

The event will take place on 3rd December

Fight Night is an event we all know and love. It's the chance to dress up and look your best whilst watching the men fight it out. However, this year's fight night has a twist – females will also be able to take part.

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It's the classiest event on a student's calendar

It's the same organisers, same event, the same boxing coaches and the same after party at Revs – just with female fighters too, aka better.

Paper (Fight Night's organisers) told The Cardiff Tab: "After 5 events we feel that it's time for a refresh. In 2019 it didn't sit well with us that only men could compete, so from now on Fight Night Cardiff will be an inclusive event that welcomes male and female competitors alike. We'll also be upping the anti with the production and entertainment on-night. Watch this space."

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The event will take place on 3rd December so plenty of time to find your perfect outfit and make it into the best dressed.