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Here you have it: The Best Dressed at this year’s Pride Cymru

The creativity will blow you away

Pride Cymru took place this year over the Bank Holiday weekend in Cardiff. It was a day to celebrate self-expression, diversity, and being true to who you are. And the people at Plaid Cymru showed us that there's no better way to do this than through some funky garms.

With over 50,000 attending Pride Cymru’s 20th anniversary weekend, let’s have a look at some of the best dressed. Be prepared for a lot of bright colours, out of this world outfits, and some insta envy moments.

Green All Day Long

Pride is a day to not be shy on colour. And Hannah William and her friend has completed this to a tee! Not only are the over the shoulder bum bags perfect for this occasion, but their glasses… come on! This cat eyed number screams boldness and fun.

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HAPPY PRIDE DAY WITH MY BABE??????? #pridecymru

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The Pin Stripes

Bradley Birkholz definitely speaks for himself in this gram shot. He just sums up what Pride is all about – being who you want to be. I mean, these striped braces are to die for! Paired with some funky socks, Bradley was defo the star of the show.

Glitter Envy

It wouldn’t be Pride without a hell of a lot of glitter. Makeup is everything on the day, and Annabell Leeding is defo smashing it with this look. Whether it be the shiny cat ears, or her cool use of jewels, we all kind of wished we looked like these girls on the day.

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This girls eyessss ??? xxxx

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All About The Drag

Victoria Scone was the Queen of Drag on the weekend. The hair, the makeup (literally out of this world), and not forgetting the amazing patterned jumpsuit. It takes skill to look this good.

Funky Face Paint

Aaron Lowe gets creative with this leopard print look. Whilst most of us can barely scrub up on Halloween using face paint, I think a lesson from Aaron is needed. Whether it be the blending or the intricate detail, Aaron definitely showed us how to do it.

Rainbow Loving

The day wouldn’t be complete without some form of unicorn and rainbow combination. And let me tell you, Noodle knows how to create a perfect outfit. Not only are the platform shoes giving me fashion jealousy, but her unicorn bag is one of the cutest things out there.

The Beauty of Colour

This handmade head piece is one for the inspiration book. It just shows how creative you can get on the day. And what’s not better than through a bit of colour? It’s all about thinking outside of the box!

Being Truthful

Bleddyn adds something more meaningful to Pride fashion this year. With his top having the names of trans people who were murdered this year, he raises awareness to the discrimination people face. After all, we still have room for improvement at working towards being a more inclusive society.

So there you have it, the best dressed at Pride Cymru this year. And let me tell you, the LGBT community smashed it with sequins, creativity and pure imagination. We should all take a leaf out of their books next year.