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Delay in processing student visas could cost Cardiff Uni £200,000

They might not get their visas until late into their studies

Cardiff University could face a cost of up to £200,000 due to delays in processing visa applications for international students. The delays mean 1,000 international students may not receive their visas by the start of the new academic year.

The delays are due to a lack of available appointments, with the Home Office saying the average waiting time in Cardiff for a free visa appointment is currently two days.

The current lack of appointments is a result of a change in the biometric aspect of the Visa application. The biometric aspect involves taking photographs and fingerprints.

Students are feeling pressured to speed up the process by updating their Visas to a "priority" application, which is much more expensive.

Furthermore, the university said the Home Office has suggested an 'in-house pop-up' to carry out the biometrics requirements, which could cost the university between £150,000 to £200,000.

Unless this pop-up service is implemented, the university said international students will not get the required visas until late into their studies, meaning the only solution would be to pay additional costs to upgrade their applications.

Cardiff University described this as a "serious service failure" on behalf of the Home Office.