Cardiff’s top 10 most insta worthy graduation pics of 2019

You Cardiff grads know how to work the camera

classof2019 graduation

Graduation day. Probably one of the most highly anticipated insta photos of the year. It fundamentally marks the end of your university life (or boozing life) in Cardiff. A mile point for your social media. I mean, everyone’s goal at the end of the day is to get the ‘right shot’. As you walk past, all you can see is a wave of people standing outside city hall asking their parents to take about 200 photos of them. This is to show all their followers that their life at Cardiff uni hasn’t only amounted to drunken nights out at YOLO Wednesday, it is to finally showcase your degree!

So whose photos are the most aesthetically pleasing and gram worthy?

Here's a compilation of the 10 most aesthetically pleasing graduation photos for the class of 2019:

The Throw

This is the shot everyone wants – mid way through the air whilst still looking cute (no one wants to look like their holding their hand up to a bus). Pulled off by Poppy Midgley who looks classy and sophisticated.

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Act Candid

Another must have shot. Everyone wishes to look like their best whilst seeming natural and not too ‘staged’, something Antonia Otter smashed.

Over The Shoulder Look

Jade Rushby and her friends are making us very jealous with this cute, candid group shot. I mean, who could pull off a hat that well?

The Unconventional Shot

This is the way to make the sad realisation of not attending your uni graduation look cool – hats off to Hallam Amos for giving us new insta inspiration.

Friendship Goals

Capturing who you share your time with at uni on your final day is key. Well done to Lucy Jaward for giving us insta envy!

Making The Best of a Bad Situation

The dreaded rain on graduation day, everyone’s biggest worry. However, fear not because Andy Hawkes makes an annoying situation look funny. Who knew an umbrella could be such a good accessory?

The Family Pic

This is another shot everyone craves to get – showing off their appreciation to their parents for helping them through uni, or rather giving them an allowance. The love is shown in Katharina’s gram.

Give Us Your Best Smile

Everyone needs a light hearted shot on their insta and Rachel Maule has given us a run for our money. She likes to call it ‘chaos in the diff’ – probably a more real representation of most students at university.

The Location

Any photo always looks a hundred times better with a cute backdrop, and what’s not better than a bunch of flowers? A classic shot made even more instagrammable by Megan Tomos.

Susannah Griffin took advantage of the Alexandra Gardens for the grad pics. It's not just City Hall and Main Building that are pretty guys.

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The Robe

And finally, the must have robe which comes to mark the fact you’re actually graduating and not standing randomly outside a nice building. Created effortlessly by Milada Sotkova, we all kind of wish our photos ended up like this.

Congratulations to everyone for graduating! It's such an achievement to have a degree, but let's be honest it's much more rewarding to have that aesthetic gram. Keep slaying x