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Cardiff Uni kicked anti-vaxx student off healthcare course and paid them £9000 compensation

The uni paid them £5,000 for the “distress” caused

A Cardiff University student has been paid over £9000 in compensation after they were kicked off their course for not being vaccinated.

The student was enrolled on a healthcare course and completed an occupational healthcare questionnaire in which they disclosed that they had not been vaccinated in the past and had no intentions of being vaccinated in the future.

Adhering to university policy, Cardiff University only review these questionnaires after the course has started.

The university told the student that they have the right to remain unvaccinated, but it poses a health risk to patients and students. For this reason, the student was removed from their course midway through the year.

The Office of Independent Adjudicator (the student complaint service for England and Wales) said:

"The committee concluded that allowing the student to continue the course would put their health and the health of patients at risk."

The student was able to transfer to a "non-professional programme" but filed a complaint. Consequently, the university had to pay £5,000 in compensation for the "distress" caused by not handling the appeal at a quicker pace. A further £4,342 was paid for accommodation which the student had already paid for.