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Cardiff is home to one of the most colourful streets in Wales

It may be brighter than all of our future’s combined

If there's anywhere you need to visit in Cardiff this summer, it's definitely this unique street.

If you're the quirky type who loves all things colourful and patterned (or even if you're just bored of seeing the dull houses scattered across Cathays), then Elm Street may be the next place you have to visit.

Believed to be one of the most colourful streets in Wales, Elm Street is iconic for its vibrant colours which stretch across the street.

Without a doubt you will spot almost every colour in the rainbow, from pinks to purples and blue to yellows, Elm Street showcases all different kinds of shades and patterns.

It's the ideal place to snap that perfect picture for the gram or to get inspiration for your new artsy project and portfolio. But let's be real here, the gram is obviously most important.

It's not just visitors that are captivated by this street, even some of the residents are inspired by Elm Street's radiant vibe. Some take the colours of their houses to the next level by creating a 'theme' for their house (there's even a Caribbean themed house!)

This colourful trend began in 1997, with a home-owner painting their house yellow in an attempt to bring some life to the street. Little did that person know that this sparked a newfound tradition for Elm Street residents. More and more are joining the colour quest and the street is getting brighter and brighter.

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Surely one of the most photographed streets in Cardiff

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Popping over for a visit should be on everyone's checklist in Cardiff. Come rain or shine, this street will definitely brighten up your day.