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Local residents being targeted by scammers claiming to be raising money for Cardiff University

Scammers have been going door to door in the Cardiff area

Cardiff University has issued a warning following complaints that local residents have been targeted by a scam.

There have been reports that scammers have been going door to door in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, claiming to be raising money for Cardiff University research.

Cardiff University is a registered charity and does accept donations. However, the university has said that it never authorises door to door fundraising and is urging people, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, to be vigilant.

T J Rawlinson, Cardiff University’s Director of Development and Alumni Relations said: “Cardiff University never participates in or authorises door-to-door fundraising.

“We were deeply concerned when we were contacted by a couple telling us someone knocked on their door saying they were raising money for Cardiff University.

“We’ve reported the incident to Action Fraud and want to make sure as many people as possible know that this is a scam.

“Our advice is simple: don’t give money to anyone who knocks your door claiming to be raising funds for Cardiff University, they are fraudsters.

“Any money donated will not benefit our students or our world-leading research. If anyone has a similar experience they should get in touch or report it to Action Fraud.”