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The best dates in Cardiff for less than £10 per person

Romance that won’t leave you poor af

We all know that dating is hard enough as it is, but being a broke student can make it even more complicated. Rest assured, just because your bank balance is laughable doesn't mean that your love life has to be too. Believe it or not, Cardiff is full of cute and fun date activities that you can enjoy without needing to take out another loan.

Science Cream

A full blown dinner date is usually the go-to for a romantic evening, but this can often get a little pricey so save yourself some money by skipping straight to dessert. Featuring in The Guardian's 'Cheap Eats' list, Science Cream is the only liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour in Wales. It's perfect for a date on a budget as prices vary from around £3 – £8.

Picnic in Bute Park

This one is ideal for the warmer months and great for a budget date because it's totally up to you to decide how much you spend. Pack up your date's favourite foods, grab a blanket and you're all set. You could even crack open a cheeky bottle of £4 prosecco from Lidl if you fancied it.

Turtle Bay

Cocktails can often be expensive, but find the right bar with a decent happy hour or two for one deals and you're sorted. Turtle Bay is the perfect place for this, serving 2-for-1 cocktails until 7pm every day, and from 9:30pm till close on Fridays and Saturdays. Boozed on a budget, you are welcome.

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The Glee Club

The ultimate place for a first date, you can avoid the pressure of making your date laugh by paying someone else to do it. The Glee Club hosts a range of upcoming and well-known comedians, and a student ticket for Friday night comedy is a very reasonable £8.50 per person.

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay makes for a super cute date, but we all know it's a bit of a trek. Here's another extra tip for you: save money on an Uber by hiring bikes. Cardiff is one of the flattest cities in Europe, so you can easily explore without breaking a sweat, meaning you'll still look banging for your date. If you fancy biking around the Bay, renting a NextBike will set you back just £1 for every thirty minutes, or £10 for an entire day.

Uncommon Ground Coffee Roastery

Uncommon Ground is the perfect place for a relaxed and cheap lunch date. They serve absolutely everything, from breakfast burritos to pancakes as well as toasties and salads. Prices range from £2.50 – £6.50, and they also offer a loyalty card which rewards you with a free drink for every six stamps.

Stag Coffee

Stag Coffee is another great spot for a reasonable priced lunch date, with sandwiches and ciabattas ranging from £3.50 – £6.95, depending on the filling. They offer veggie and vegan options, and you can also add chips for £1.50 (bargain). Better yet, the odds of it being super close to your Uni house is very high.


Watching a movie is the classic 'safe date' and Cineworld offers student tickets for just £2.99. Load up on your own snacks before going and that way you'll avoid paying for expensive sweets and popcorn. Sorted.

Spillers Records

Where better to take a music lover than the world's oldest record shop. This is a cool and unique date activity that would literally cost you nothing to browse around (just be sure to say no to temptation).

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Walk along the beach and grab a cup of tea or a bag of chips. The train to Penarth will set you back £3.10, but really this is another date that will cost you as much or as little as you like and you'll get some lovely views thrown in for free.

National Museum Cardiff

This is the perfect date afternoon if you fancy little bit of culture, or for anyone in to history or art, and it's totally free. You can't go wrong with that. They also hold exclusive exhibitions for just £4 per student, if you really want to push the boat out.

Las Iguanas

This is another great shout for cocktails, offering 2-for-1 cocktails all day every day. It's never been easier to fall in love over cocktails (or maybe just go on one date and never see each other again because they don't look like their Tinder picture).

Infinity Trampoline Park

Infinity is the dream for the parkour-loving, freestyle-jumping and adrenaline junkies. This is definitely a date for the more adventurous, but still isn't one that drains your bank account. If you go on a Monday you get unlimited access to the park for the entire day for just £8.

Hire a boat or pedalo at Roath Park

This is a fun and cute date idea for a sunny day. It's around £6 for half an hour of hire, which lets face it is probably enough because who can be bothered to peddle for longer than that. If your date does all the peddling you can tell they're a keeper.

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Marias Taverna

This food at Marias is just a good as its prices. With a cosy and relaxed atmosphere and pretty interiors it's a great spot for a lunch date. You can get a wrap with a choice of fillings (including veggie and vegan options) and chips, for under £5 when 10 per cent student discount is applied.

The Early Bird

A breakfast date is always great shout and costs way less than going for dinner. The Early Bird is loved by many of Cathays' residents and all their breakfast or brunch options are priced at £7.50 or less. They also offer veggie and vegan options so there's something for everyone.

Treetop adventure golf

A true Cardiff classic but crazy golf is a fun activity that provides an opportunity for some flirty competitiveness. Students can play one course of 18 holes for £7 or two courses for the price of one if you turn up between 5 pm-7pm, Monday to Fridays. You can also try your luck at a bonus 19th hole for a chance to win a free round.

Who says you can't find love on a budget hey.