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This is why it’s so important to vote in the SU elections

There is definitely a point in voting

Undoubtedly you've all seen the SU election candidates campaigning around campus for you to vote for them. But, how many of us actually take them seriously, read their manifestos and vote?

Many forget to vote in the SU elections, however, they are actually a vital part of university life. So why is it important that we vote? Does it actually do anything for us?

Cardiff University Students' Union is a democratic and student led organisation. So, to put it simply, without the students running for the positions and without us voting, the Students' Union would not be able to be led properly. Additionally, if you don't vote for who you want to be in charge of certain role, then you may not have the SU that you want.

The Students' Union states: "By voting, you have the opportunity to vote for the things that you want developed and improved in both the University and the Union."

We spoke to Jackie Yip who is the current VP of Education about the importance of voting in the SU elections. Jackie is running for the role of Students' Union President along with Amr Alwishah and Priscilla Muropa.

Jackie explained to us that the "elected officers are lobbying and negotiating with the university on your behalf." Therefore, who you pick and who represents us works alongside the university meaning that our voices are represented and what we want is put forward.

We asked Jackie why it is important for students to run for these roles, she said: "Everyone should feel like they have the ability to make change and that is what the elections are about." They are allowing us, as students, to have a say in how our University and Students' Union is run.

All of the candidates that are running for roles in the SU have been waking up early and have been campaigning over the week. Jackie said: "Democracy is for all our students, we just need to empower them to believe that it makes a difference."

So whats the point in voting?

Voting in the Students' Union elections allows us to have a voice and a say to what we want and what we want to happen within our university.

Voting closes at 5pm on Friday the 1st March. You can read the candidates manifestos and vote on the Students' Union website or vote at the SU for free donuts.

Featured image credit: Cardiff University Students' Union