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The trials and tribulations of hooking up with your housemates

These Cardiff students took the plunge and got with their housemates, but was it risky business or happily ever after?

University, an ideal place to try and meet a future husband or wife. A place of intellectuals and a massive number of people your own age gathered together from all over the place. It's the one place where you can avoid the typical twats from your home town. You’ll date, you’ll pull, you’ll meet loads of new possible partners, you’ll choose wisely… WRONG!

Everyone knows someone who's gotten with their housemate and it's either ended in true love or pure disaster. There's an estimated 23,805 undergraduate students at Cardiff University, but of course you’d choose the most inconvenient option and hook up with the boy upstairs that you have to see every single day. Who wants an easy life ey!

But can hooking up with your housemate be for the best? We contacted some Cardiff Uni final years to see whether their experiences with housemates ended up in success or disaster, so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

Lucy and Tobias

On the third night of Freshers', Leah and Tobias took the plunge and slept together. Yep the third night, talk about moving fast. Tobias lived on the bottom floor of the house in Talybont South, and Leah on top. At least there was two floors between them when things got awkward…

Leah said it all began when they walked home from a night out together. She dropped her bag and condoms fell out – subtle hint there? Well Tobias definitely took it.

Looking back, Leah wishes she took the hint when he shagged the fit girl from the flat next door. OUCH. And with the whole house getting involved with their hook up, was the drama really worth the three minutes of average fun? We think not.

Luckily, they’re still pals now though.

Daisy and Jimmy

Daisy and Jimmy shit where they ate – a rather long shit at that. After a year and a half of being together, meeting in first year when they lived next door in Taly South and then living separately in second, Daisy and Jimmy decided to take their relationship to the next level. For third year, they decided to live together with five of their friends. CUTE. What could possibly go wrong?

Well after signing for the house in the January of second year and enjoying two lovely holidays together, along with a multitude of cute dates, they broke up by the time it was summer. And now they face the trials and tribulations of living with their exes in third year. BRILLIANT.

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Daisy and Jimmy enjoying their hols

I asked Daisy and Jimmy for the pros and cons of living with an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Jimmy stated that the pros involve:

1) Daisy still washing his clothes for him

2) Daisy feeling bad for dumping him so sometimes doing his washing up

3) Daisy having to always be nice to Jimmy because they live together so she can’t be mean – lol

When asked for the cons he said: "I can’t shag loud and openly. If I brought girls back it’d have to be in secret. Sometimes new males come to stay and I have to hibernate to avoid them." Awks.

When asking Daisy, she stated that a major con was that sometimes he gets with her friends, jheeez. She also said that when he’s drunk, he throws his garlic baguette at her.

So far so good though – it’s January 2019 and no major domestics have occurred, so everyone’s a winner. Apart from Daisy and Jimmy, obviously.

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Marcus and Peri

These two are arguably another success story. After being housemates in first year and getting together throughout, they spilled the feels after a few double vods but then denied it the next day. However, their prolonged one-night stands did become a little more than just that.

In the October of second year, after a year of graft, they officially broke out of the friend zone. A year later, they don’t live together, but they are still together. SUCCESS! A two-week holiday, a mini break to Amsterdam, and a few visits to each other’s homes and they’re still standing.

However, Brummy Peri has said visiting Marcus at home in the countryside was like being like an episode of Bear Grylls The Island. There's fields, tractors, and lots of sheep. Whereas Marc's trips to Birmingham are more like an episode by Ross Kemp with him thinking he’ll get stabbed the minute he steps out of New Street Station. But opposites attract, right?

Hopefully after an insight into these make or break romance stories you'll be able to make a logical decision on whether to shit where you eat… or not.