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Everything that’s great about working three jobs on top of uni

No more begging your parents for money

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Everyone that has a job at uni will know the struggle. Juggling assignments, shifts and a social life sometimes seems like too much to handle. But despite the long days, hectic calendars and missed nights out, there are so many reasons to have a part-time job (or three!) alongside your studies.

Having money to spare

No more limits on the weekly shop

The most obvious appeal of having multiple jobs is the extra money it brings. No more worrying about whether buying that £3 meal deal will send you into your overdraft. More jobs means more shifts and more money come pay day. Nights out, takeaways and spontaneous shopping sprees? YES to all!

Incredible time management skills

You'll even have time to study

Though you may think that having multiple jobs will affect your uni work, this couldn't be further from the truth. Your limited free time will be used to the fullest, meaning less midday lie-ins and more early mornings spent nailing seminar reading, essays and revision. A busy student is a productive student! Your course mates will be shocked when you've managed to get the seminar reading done along with accompanying notes, after a 25-hour week at your part-time jobs.

Appreciating your friends more

Your nights out together will be all the more special

As well as juggling uni work and your jobs, you also learn how to appreciate the time spent with your friends and loved ones. Those half-hour catch ups and mundane trips to Tesco will feel more important when you've just come back from an eight hour shift and could use a friend to chat to. Come in and lets have a cwtch!

Not asking your parents for money

Your parents never have to know how much you spend on alcohol

Without a doubt, the best thing about having multiple jobs is not having to borrow money. Financial independence at uni is something to be proud of- not all of us have the bank of mum and dad! Though you may wish that bills didn't exist, earning your own money means that you can spend it on whatever you like once you've paid those monthly burdens. 10 VKs, here I come!

Meeting new people

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Dealing with this many people bonds you for life

Having three jobs gives you the opportunity to meet hundreds of new people that you would have never met otherwise. Sometimes you even find a work bestie or mother figure, and getting filled in on all the gossip makes your shifts fly by.

Boosting your prospects

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Dealing with drunk people is a skill in itself

We've all the emails about CV skills, interviews and work experience, but there's nothing better than actual employment to enhance your CV. You prove yourself to be reliable and build loads of skills that will help you throughout your career. And you never know, you might even realise that you want to work in the industry full time!

Having a back-up plan

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At least Greggs is always there for me

It's great to know that you can leave a job if you start to hate it, and that if you get fired, you always have another source of income. Equally, having a casual contract with a company unrelated to your degree means that you always have an alternative option if you decide the subject is not for you.

So, there we go, the reasons why I continue to schedule three jobs into my uni calendar. Here's to being a financially independent boss!