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Cardiff University students offered extensions on deadlines after Learning Central shuts down

Problems with the site have been reported since the weekend

Many Cardiff University students have gone into meltdown this week as both essay submission portal, Turn It In, and Learning Central shut down.

Problems with Turn It In and Learning Central have been reported by students since Saturday, when many were left unable to access the site to submit their essays.

Due to the inconvenience, students in ENCAP, JOMEC, SOCSI, Geography and Planning, Healthcare Sciences and Business have been given a one-day extension to submit their assignments.

The undergraduate team from the School of English, Communication and Philosophy (ENCAP) had stated that Learning Central would only be unavailable between 10.30pm on Wednesday night until 6.30am on Thursday morning due to maintenance.

However, it was confirmed this morning that the site would be down until 11am after another spate of students complained.

The undergraduate team have since confirmed that both Learning Central and Turn It In are now functioning.

At least it wasn't Eduroam this time.