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Buffalo has closed down

What the funk

Buffalo have released a statement on Facebook announcing its immediate closure. The statement cites financial reasons as the cause, with "massive" increases in business rates and rising rent prices to blame.

Buffalo has been a popular choice with students for the last five years and is home to Bump and Grind and Hideaway. Alas our Monday nights will have to be wholly devoted to Quids In.

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The Facebook post read: "We want to thank everyone that’s been part of our journey the last five years; especially the customers, staff and promoters.

"21 months ago we had a massive increase in our business rates. That coupled with rent increases and change in behaviour of consumer spending we had no other option than to close doors."

Unfortunately, there was no official closure dates to be found, suggesting there will be no final Insta post in front of that famous neon sign.

Let's hope this is the last club to be closing in Cardiff, as I don't think my heart could take anymore.

Buffalo, you will be missed by Cardiff students past and present.


Bump and Grind who hold the Monday night residency at Bufallo have announced they are urgently looking for a new venue to host the night. Organisers have said if a venue has not been found by Monday, all tickets will be refunded. In a Facebook post they added: "Does this mean B&G is dead..? We're honestly not sure, but we will 100 per cent be looking for a new venue."

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Updates to follow