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The St Mary Street evacuation was a hoax

The police enquiry over the reported threat continues

St Mary Street in Cardiff city centre was evacuated and cordoned off yesterday from 15:15 until 18:30 after worries over public safety. However, police have now announced that they are treating it as a hoax.

Apparent threats had been made to people in a hotel on St Mary's Street prompting police action. Officers are reported to have been armed with tasers and pistols. Enquiries into the source of the reported threat are ongoing.

Precautions were taken last night as police asked people in nearby shops and hotels to stay indoors and away from windows. The Welsh Ambulance Service also sent crew to the scene, but officers have reported nobody has been injured.

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Police also cordoned off Golate Street, including the corner between Brewdog and The Queens Vaults. CafeJazz Bar was also affected, forcing it to close for the evening.

All of the affected area has since re opened.