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Walkabout in Cardiff are selling an I’m a Celeb shot board with real bugs on it

Thankfully alcohol is also involved in the £15 deal

We all have a few mates that swear they would rather do a shot of worms than a shot of Sambuca. Well now it's time for them to make good on their promise as Cardiff's Walkabout have launched an I'm A Celeb inspired shot board that includes six shots of alcohol and another six of real creepy crawlies.

This isn't a challenge for the weak-hearted, the twelve shot paddle board consists of salt and vinegar crickets, chilli chapulines (crickets), mealworms, garlic chapulines, and buffalo worms, which are beetle larvae. A bit different from the classic orange VK, that's for sure.

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The board will be £15.00

The only small saving grace is that along with the bush tucker trial worthy shots, comes six more shots of hard liquor including Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, a Pornstar Martini bomb, JD Tennessee Fire, Vodka and Cranberry, Bacardi and Blue Curacao, and Sambuca mixed with Baileys and Grenadine.

The shot board is available throughout the Christmas season, and will be priced at £15. Other shot boards aimed at those who don't think of eating crickets as a hallmark of a successful night out will also be available.

You probably won't pull with mealworms hanging out of your mouth though, so don't expect a future relationship like Harry and Sandra's to come from the experience.