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We’re back at it again with the classic Clubbers of the Week

Throw them shapes like no one’s watching

Christmas is a hot topic this week, and with Quids In throwing a VK Jumper Party and societies starting to put on their Christmas socials, Cardiff's students did not disappoint when it came to posing for the club papz. From the sauciest dancing to the most creative costumes, here are your clubbers of the week.

Snowflake slay of the week

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The enthusiasm in this pic is off the charts, you go Glen Coco

VK dedication of the week

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This picture deserved its place in this article, purely for the cheeky VK Jumper reveal

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Imagine being able to lift that much VK with just your mouth

Fry up of the week

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How to pull a boy 101: Dress as food, everyone loves food right? Especially with a cheery Christmas elf

Smoking area fan of the week

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Get yourself someone who looks at you like this guy looks at his cig

Smoulder of the week

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Dr Alex would be proud of this smoulder boys, keep it up

Legend of the week

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Drinking from the bottle is hardcore

Novelty Christmas jumpers of the week

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"What are you wearing tonight?"… "Might wear Xmas jumper and jeans" …"Ok cool, I'll do the same."

Throwback of the week

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Please leave this pose in 2012 where it belongs

Cwtch of the week

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I don't think I've ever seen such a loving hug, as the Welsh would say "what a great cwtch that was"

Bromance of the week

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Cheeky smooch…without any mistletoe?!!!

Best homely fireplace costume of the week

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I think this is the best costume for a Christmas social we've ever seen – the fam portrait and food for Santa makes it

Pose of the week

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When you have fomo so you crash your way into the pic

Photo credit: YOLO, Revs, Pryzm