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Every drunk conversation you’ve definitely had in the Pryzm girls toilets

‘I love your top babes’

All the best conversations during a night out happen in the toilets. It's possible that you might even spend more time in there than the actual club. They’re the perfect place to have a cry at the end of the night, or make a friend for life that you’ll literally never see again, not forgetting that the soundest advice you’ll ever receive is normally from a drunk stranger.

So in celebration of our long lost drunk toilet friends, here's a reminder of every conversation you've probably had in the Pryzm girls toilets. Because the Pryzm toilets are nice, there's no pushing and shoving like there is in the SU.

The pep talk

When your mate's been crying since before pres, we all know protocol is to take her to the toilets and spend the next half an hour telling her how great she is, how much you love her, and that she'll feel much better once she's necked a couple of VK and a had boogie in the disco room.

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The DMC, a.k.a the deep meaningful chat

This is usually with a girl you met approximately 10 seconds before, yet now you know exactly when and why her parents got divorced, how hard she's found things since the family pet died and her plans to abandon uni and "just get some head space for a couple months" next summer. The sad thing is, you'll probably add her on Facebook and never speak to her again when sober.

"Is he fit?"

Although your judgement is usually on point, it's still important to check with your friends if the guy you've been dancing with all night is actually good looking, or if you've once again fallen victim to beer goggles after one too many, and he's actually a three out of 10.

The toilet paper emergency chat

We've all been too drunk to notice that there's no toilet roll left, but us girls have each others backs. As quickly as you've shouted that there's none left, a handful tends to appear from underneath the other cubicle. Not all heroes wear capes.

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"Quick, hold my hair back"

Vomming in the Pryzm toilets is nobody's classiest moment, but it's happened to the best of us. As long as you've got a pal to hold back your hair and sort out your mascara once you're done, you can usually get away with it and be back in the RnB room before anyone notices you've gone. If you're lucky, the toilet attendant might even give you a piece of chewing gum for free.

The compliment

Whether it's your hair style, your cracking outfit or your incredible contour skills, the Pryzm toilets are the perfect place to get rid of any worries about how you look. Drunk girls will never hold back when you're looking your best, and who doesn't love a compliment. These conversations are usually followed by an entire run down of exactly when you bought your outfit, where it was from, and how much it set you back.

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The contraception advice

One girl hates the coil, another swears by the implant, and your best mate is convinced the pill made her gain weight. You can always rely on decent advice about birth control in the toilets, despite the fact it's often from people you've never met before. These chats are usually with the same girls who carry endless supplies of tampons.

"Where are we going for food?"

What you're going to devour on the way home is an integral part of a night out. If you're a fresher it's likely you'll be heading back for a cheeky Fattoush, or perhaps a Maccies. But for the rest of us, Family Fish bar is a clear winner for those post night out hunger pangs. And speaking about it in the toilets will probably influence others to go too as they can't resist the thought of curry sauce and chips.

The lost phone panic

You reach for you phone to take a couple of banging selfies for Insta and suddenly realise you can't find it anywhere. You spend 15 minutes emptying your clutch and getting your friends to help you retrace your steps, until you realise you shoved it down your top so you could carry all four of your tropical VK at once. Panic over. But rest assured, all the girls in the loos had your back when trying to look for it.

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The "best friend" chat

Do you ever wonder about all the drunk girls you ever met in the bathroom and how they're doing these days? No one knows how these wonderful friendships start, but before you know it you've bonded over a shared love of Quids In, and you're chatting like you've been best friends for life – even though you'll almost definitely never see each other again. You know what halls they're in or what area of Cathays they live in, their course, their pre uni break up story – seriously you know them inside out and can't remember a thing in the morning.

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If we all treated each other like drunk girls do in the toilets, the world would be brighter place

The toilet attendant chat

If you go to Pryzm so often, the toilet attendant will know your name. She always tells you how pretty you are, and exactly what you need to do to get a boyfriend, and you respond by saying how nice she is and thanking her profusely for the lollipop and the free hair straightening if she's feeling generous.

"Do you think I should text them?"

If you're having this conversation in the Pryzm girls toilets, the answer is probably no.

So if you didn't before, you now know exactly why girls always go to the toilet together.