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Cardiff University accommodation costs have increased by 77 per cent in the past decade

We’re paying £1,661 more than students did 10 years ago

Cardiff University are asking students to fork out up to 77 per cent more in accommodation fees than they did a decade ago.

In a recent study by the Huffington Post UK, it was found that Cardiff, along with multiple other top universities in the UK have risen their accommodation fees considerably in the past 10 years. Between 2008 and 2018 the cheapest halls prices at Russell Group universities has grown by an average of 41 percent, however maintenance loans have only risen by a mere 13 per cent in comparison.

It has been found that one in six of the country's most prestigious universities offer their cheapest accommodations at a higher price than the minimum maintenance loan, meaning students are forced to work, or rely on their parents in order to afford to live.

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Maintenance loans have barely increased compared to the rapidly increasing accommodation prices in Cardiff

Here at Cardiff, students are expected to pay a minimum of £3,824 to stay in halls of residence, whereas 10 years ago students could rent a room for just £2,163. This reveals a 77 percent increase in accommodation fees, which is the highest increase out of all the Russell Group universities included in the study.

A spokesperson for Cardiff University stated: "Accommodation fees are subject to detailed review each session, and our fees are compared against other Russell Group universities, local universities and the local private sector residences.

"We remain extremely competitive with a range of fee options and residences types."