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Almost half a million VKs were consumed in Cardiff Uni’s SU last year

Cardiff a.k.a the VK Capital

It will come as no shock to many of you that Cardiff students consume vast amounts of VKs. Friends from other unis are often baffled at how many photos we have with VKs in hand and can't always understand our obsession with the things. It truly is part of Cardiff culture.

And in true Cardiff style, last night at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), it was announced by the President of the Cardiff University Students' Union, Fadhila Al Dhaouri, that almost half a million VKs were consumed last year in the SU alone.

It was announced that a total of 488,217 VK bottles dropped on the floor following a cheeky night at the Lash or Juice.

The AGM, is an amalgamation of news from the previous academic year, which discusses proposals for the year ahead. It's an informative meeting allowing students to discuss university life and propose any ideas they may have to improve it, and it seems to me that this revelation is the most important of all.

Brittany Cunnane, VK Ambassador for Cardiff, describes the statistics as "staggering", adding "it makes me proud to hear how many VKs Cardiff Uni students can drink."

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Posted by Cardiff Confessions on Thursday, November 22, 2018

The only question left unanswered now is, will we be able to top this next year?