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Cardiff ranked as one of the most employable universities of 2018

Who’s saying we’re not a proper uni now?

Cardiff has had a decent year when it has come to rankings. It is the second cheapest student city in the UK and it has gone up four places in the official university rankings for 2019.

And according to The Times Higher Education annual global university employability ranking, it is now confirmed that Cardiff University is one of the best universities for employability in the UK. Cardiff has made it to 15th on the list, which means it is better for employability than the other 115 universities in the country.

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Cardiff have beaten other Russell Group unis, including York, Nottingham and Exeter

Other universities that were also mentioned in the top 15 for employability include Edinburgh, UCL, and Bristol, coming up behind the world renowned institutions of Oxbridge.

UK universities have long been in the shadow of Oxbridge when it comes to being known as respectable and employable institutions. However, the fact that Cardiff have been included is a massive milestone as we have beaten other Russell Group universities such as Nottingham, Exeter and York.

So, remember that we're thriving, and Cardiff is still beating Swansea at everything.