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Here’s how to get involved with ‘Cardiff Goes Dating’

Cuffing season has begun

As winter rapidly approaches, it’s always nice to have someone to do fun activities with and body heat to steal when you can’t afford to put on your heating. Following on from The Edinburgh Tab’s experiment where they sent students on blind dates, we have decided to launch a similar experiment of our own in Cardiff.

The idea of this scheme is to pair up students and send them on blind dates with one another, based off the responses to our questionnaire (fill it in below). We will send you the time and location of your date, all you have to do is turn up! We’ll then be in contact to ask whether or not the date was successful and if you will be seeing each other again.

Students of all genders and sexualities are invited to apply by completing the form linked above and then we will be in touch with you. After all, who doesn’t want a Christmas bae to take candid instas of you and your mulled wine?