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Clubbers of the week: Halloween edition

Trick or treat

Halloween has come and gone again, and you partied the night or week away celebrating. The only thing scarier than Halloween are the club photos that you don't remember being taken, so here are our collection of the biggest tricks (and treats) of club photos from the week.

Taking stealing a traffic cone on a night out to new levels

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When you're just really hungry

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Bae-watch of the week

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They got the wrong idea for "girls night with face masks"

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This Oompa Loompa must've taken a wrong turn out of the chocolate factory

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Shameless VK promo

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Even Shrek made it out

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You can see the moment the guy in the background realises he's not actually gonna get to play golf tonight

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She didn't get the M&M memo

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Can they see clearly now?

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Is it a costume or did he just really want to avoid people pushing into him in the Lash?

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Scooby Doo's gang looks a bit different

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"Free VK"

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Bet she had trouble trying to order drinks

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Who doesn't love a banana sandwich?

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The girl in the back looks a bit possessed

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Where is Wally not?

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And, finally, photo of the week

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Until next year, Cardiff you did good x