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What to dress up as this Halloween based on your Cardiff Uni halls

If you haven’t decided what to dress up as tonight, then here is some much-needed guidance

Everyone in Cardiff knows that your first year residence speaks volumes for your personality. And just when you thought you knew exactly what yours said about you, we’re back with some more stereotypes, but this time they're spooky.

Trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween is either exciting or a chore, so whether you've ordered a full costume off eBay or you're just sticking on some black lippy, here's what you should really go as based on your Cardiff Uni halls.

Uni Halls – couples costume

You might be one of the biggest halls Cardiff has to offer but you don’t actually know anyone other than fellow Uni Hall’ers. You probably found your boyfriend in the flat below and will live with the same people for the rest of you time at Cardiff, because you haven’t actually encountered another student. That is why this Halloween you are the couples costume or part of the big group Halloween hype. So you'll probably end up going out as part of an English Breakfast, or one of the Spice Girls. Classic.

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You're the eggs to my bacon x

Aberdare Hall – Nuns

As Cardiff’s only all girl halls, the expectation is that you live in a wild sorority like you see in movies. In reality, you either have a very unusual version of fun such as playing Scrabble over a cup of tea, or you have bizarre parents who were adamant that mixed halls would lead to pregnancy and STDs. Therefore, if you decide to venture out your manor house this Wednesday you should maintain your dignity and female solidarity. No bunny ears and fishnets, it's time to put your cloak on. Welcome to the Sisterhood of Aberdare.

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Taly South – VK

We get it, you hit the jackpot. You’re living where every normal human being wanted to be. Taly South is the most sociable halls, has en suite bathrooms and isn't that far from uni. Therefore, this Halloween you lucky buggers get the honour of being Cardiff University's favourite thing – a VK. Because let's be honest, plenty of these are downed at Taly South pres.

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Everyone knows orange is the best flavour

Talybont Court – Disney character

Yes, we all know you wanted to be in the crème de la crème of Taly Gate but didn’t quite make the cut. Your second choice was definitely South, but you weren’t quite right for there either, so you ended up in the middle ground of Taly Court. That being said, much like your halls you're actually decent enough. You're not quite as pretentious as those in Gate or as mad as those in South. So, this Halloween you should stick to that "nice person" persona and go as a unicorn, a mermaid or one of the much loved Disney characters.

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Aberconway, Gordon, Column Hall and the other possible five that no one ever hears of – A ghost

I mean do you even go here? You’re the mystery students who no one really knows. When someone asks you where you live you’re met with blank stares because frankly your halls are irrelevant. The only time anyone ever sees you is when you're smoking a ciggy outside in the bus stop and even then no one notices that you belong to the halls right next to it. You're halls exists but people walk past them every day without a second thought. That’s why you are the ghosts of Halloween. Your halls doesn't make much noise or fuss either, so a simple sheet will cut it for the night.

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Taly North – Zombies

There’s no denying it, you have landed yourself in the estate of Taly. Realistically you’ve never been to anything other than Quids In or Lash Wednesdays because £5 entrance really is a bit steep. So, this Halloween we don’t want anything that will break the bank, just a bit of face paint and an old white t-shirt with a splodge of ketchup will do – hello zombies.

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Senghennydd – Devils, angels, nurses

Hello Sen-ghetto. You might be the closest to uni and the SU but, it was everyone’s last choice. At this point in the semester you’re passed caring how much of a shit hole it really is, so keep that IDGAF attitude. Make use of the short walk from town, go back to bed and whip out those fishnet tights later on. We’re thinking dirty devils and fallen angels all around with the odd sexy nurse thrown in.

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Taly Gate – Clueless, Wild Child, anything posh

We all know you were brought up in Daddy’s mansion, with weekend trips to visit the grandparents in the countryside whilst living it up every winter skiing in Verbier. Whilst the rest of the freshers trudge to uni in the rain you don’t understand the problem as you simply hop in your Audi A1 to lectures. So, why deny your heritage? Dust off that Ralph Lauren Polo top, your old plaid private school skirt and house tie, and dress as what you truly are – a posh totty. Channel Cher from Clueless, Poppy from Wild Child and release your inner St. Trinian.

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"Girls this gives me memories of the wild time I had at boarding school"

Happy Halloween!