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Every type of housemate you’ll inevitably encounter whilst living in Cardiff

The messy one is the absolute worst

Coming to university means meeting a ton of new people, some you absolutely love and some you loathe. By the middle of first term you begin to understand everyones complex character and can differentiate between those you get on with and those who get on your nerves.

So now you’ve been thrown into your sixth-choice accommodation, and for your sake I hope it’s not the slums of Taly North or Senghetto, here’s your guide to the housemates you’re bound to encounter during your time at Cardiff University. Whether you're in first, second or third year your bound to relate to the definitive list of housemate stereotypes.

The wild 'out every night' one

This housemate has no limits. Always the first to suggest a vomit inducing drinking game, they live to party and have no problem providing the laughs. They live off Tesco vodka and Super Noodles, and they never have a night off. This housemate is fun and is always the life and soul of pres. Be careful though, the wild one can end up getting everyone kicked out of Pryzm by 11:30pm for trying to play tag with the bouncers.

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The square one

There's always that one super serious housemate that can't let loose. This is the type of person that asks you to turn the music down at 9pm during Freshers' Week, yawn. And they'll probably never join you watching TV in the living room because Hollyoaks "isn't intellectual enough." You'll never see them up for a Wednesday YOLO sesh either, but that's okay, because who wants someone telling you that your tenth VK is a bad idea anyway?

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The flirty one

Everyone loves to flirt, but the flirty one takes it to the next level. They’re like a bird of prey in the SU, no one is safe from their cheeky chat up lines and flirty banter. Keep your better halves locked up and watch out for some doomed in-flat relationships blossoming with this housemate. They'll have got with most of the house once first term is over.

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The popular one

The socialite of the group, this housemate has connections with anyone and everyone. This is useful when throwing a house party, and they are the go to housemates for getting you in to sold out events. But don’t count on this flaky friend for plans as they’re always out and about with a different entourage or doing promo for the clubs.

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The gossipy one

Know that your drunken antics won’t stay secret for long with this housemate around. Always looking for the juiciest gossip, they can’t help but come across as bitchy at times. Be careful what you say and don’t play into the gossipy one's game. You'll soon know they've spread your stories when everybody smirks at you in the next game of never have I ever.

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The taken one

A rarely seen member of the house, this person has their partner on the brain. Missing all the best nights out in favour of a couple’s film night, the taken one contends with the square one for the title of most boring. Feel sorry for the person in the room next to this housemate… Taly walls are paper thin.

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The messy one

Every house has someone who is incapable of washing their dishes and doesn’t seem to grasp how to use a bin. With a sea of clothes on the floor and a windowsill of rancid mugs, this housemate’s bedroom would have Kim and Aggie gagging. Avoid living with the messy one in second year, because they never improve.

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The stoner

Usually the calm member of the house, the stoner can’t be trusted around your food. Always the source of good tunes, they can be found hiding in bike sheds or behind buildings avoiding security. Trust this housemate to leave their paraphernalia on the kitchen table when your parents come to visit.

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The indie one

This housemate will undoubtedly have a tapestry on their wall and burn enough incense to make you choke. They constantly talk about their gap year or all the travelling they’re going to do in South East Asia after uni. Be prepared for this housemate to practice guitar at 8am and lecture you over the greasy Fattoush you just ate whilst they're chomping on celery and houmous.

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The skint one

Always adamant they have less money than you, this housemate constantly talks about the state of their bank account. They’d rather walk home in the rain than pay £1.50 for the taxi, and would rather make beans on toast than join the weekly flat takeaway. You have to keep reminding this housemate to chill out and treat themselves, a couple of VK and a Chinese takeaway won’t break the bank.

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It's inevitable that you'll come across all of these characters whilst at uni, and they gradually become easier to live with. The hard part is working out which one you are.