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A Cardiff second year’s dad drove 248 miles to get rid of her bins

He came all the way from Suffolk as Cardiff Council failed to give them new bin bags

Cathays is known to have a rubbish problem. However, no one would expect their parents to drive their rubbish home because Cardiff Council fail to collect it.

Yet this happened today, when a second year's dad came all the way from Suffolk to collect a pile of rubbish which has been left for weeks in her back garden.

The dedicated dad drove a grand total of 248 miles to remove the bin bags which had gathered after Cardiff Council failed to deliver recycling bags and a food caddy to the second years when they moved in. As a result of this, rubbish has piled up gradually in their back garden for weeks and they have run the risk of being fined £100 for this.

Three weeks prior to moving in the second years contacted Cardiff Council to order their bins, however, when they moved in, no bags or food caddy had arrived.

After a week of living at the house, they had inevitably collected a huge pile of rubbish, so contacted the council again asking if they could put all of their rubbish in black bin bags.

Cardiff Council replied stating: "Due to slight delays currently these could be delivered a few days late. We do accept for you to place food waste and recycling in the general waste as a last resort whilst waiting for the delivery."

Nonetheless, it took a further week for the food caddy and the bin bags to arrive and during this time they faced with risk of getting a £100 fine as their general waste was overflowing.

And so after three weeks of living in their new house, the rubbish problem became that bad that one of the tenants' dads drove 248 miles from Suffolk to Cardiff to collect all of the rubbish to take it to the tip.

The second year's dad has since tweeted Cardiff Council asking them what they will do to improve the current rubbish problem. Following this, the council have responded with the assurance that regular bin liners will be dispatched from now on.

Either way it's clear that Cardiff still has a massive bin problem.