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Ignore what they say, Uni Halls isn’t actually that bad and here’s why

DNB raves, Greggs and free transport. What more could you want?

If you ended up in Uni Halls rather than the Fresher haven of Taly, the likelihood is you either didn't try hard enough, or you tried too hard in your exams. So, congratulations, clearing and adjustment has laid down the yellow brick road to the tower block of Uni Halls.

Welcome to the fun of having confused looks fall upon you during Freshers' when you try to explain 'No I'm not from Taly', and 'yes i do require a bus to get into Uni'. It's fair to day that Uni Halls has acquired a bad name amongst those who haven't experienced its charm, but fear not Freshers, I am here to dispel the rumours of the distant halls to prove why it is the best.

Our pre-drinks are legendary

Whilst many of your course mates will rave about the wild pres or after parties of Taly North and South, you can smile back at them knowing Uni Halls will be host to some of the busiest and riotous pre-drinks going. Prepare for noughties throwbacks, DNB raves and the messy flatmate who shouldn't have drunk that dirty pint; there's always one. Yes, it's true you'll have to splash out on a taxi, but you might as well start the night off with some dignity.

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Voddy at the ready

You'll have the best social life and meet loads of people

Even though at times your isolated location will make you feel as though you're on Bear Grylls 'The Island', University Halls thrives on the outcast community you create. Everyone knows everyone, and some of the most social pre-drinks will take place. New faces will make an appearance every time a new flat hosts pres, allowing you to build-up your Facebook friends and those all important Instagram followers. Top tip though, don't take your bottle of Glen's to another flat, because you will never see it again.

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The free bus is actually fun

The much loved free bus from Uni Halls is where you'll frequently catch up on Freshers' gossip and get invited to the next major flat party. And when it's the weekend and there's no uni bus, the public bus to town is just outside and costs a bargain £1.90. You can save your legs and gossip about who got with who last night- it's a win win situation.

The back of the tower block is the best place to chill

I highly recommend going down to the social area at the back of the tower block. It's a hub for last minute revision or whipping up an almost acceptable essay, as it's quiet and way more relaxing than your prison cell, sorry I mean bedroom. The pool tables are also perfect for showing off your skill- or lack off.

It's also nice to make use of the grass area behind the tower block. Not only is it culturally enlightening with its old ruins, but it's also perfect for sunbathing or pretending to revise.

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The outside area is a social hub for all

Deliveroo DO NOT deliver to Uni Halls, so you will be forced to rely on Dominos 2 for Tuesdays every week

It's honestly such a shame.

There's a cure for Freshers' flu nearby

Not only are you near Heath hospital incase of any emergencies, but you are also just a 10 minute walk from Roath House Surgery, ideal for when Freshers' flu creeps up on your innocent and unsuspecting selves.

You're surrounded by amazing places to eat and drink

For the brunch connoisseur's amongst you Penylan Pantry has gorgeous food which is Instagram worthy and not too expensive. Blanche Bakery is also perfect for the Instgramming brunchers, with their vegan doughnuts and strawberry lemonades. Juno lounge is also a student hotspot and has a rooftop terrace perfect for cocktails in the warmer months. A number of little restaurants also line the streets of Wellfield Road which is literally a short walk away- with everything from sushi to Indian street food and a Greggs of course.

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Roath Park is right near us and what more could you want

Roath Park is perfect for a hungover afternoon stroll, equipped with pedalos and rowing boats. It's also a perfect place to feature on the gram.

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Colchester Avenue is the handiest place ever

We're just a short drive or a longer walk away from Colchester Avenue which is amazing. There's a big Sainsburys there which is so convenient, along with a 24 hour Starbucks, Costa, McDonalds, Frankie and Bennies and much more. There is also a gym there too, just in case you wanted to go.

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Most importantly though, you'll make pals for life

So don't be disheartened if you end up in University Halls, everything happens for a reason. You will leave with some questionable stories, friends for life, and a hefty fine from house keeping. But it will be worth it, trust me.