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How to pull a fitty in the SU: A complete guide

I spy a F-I-T-T-Y

The cherry on the top of a night out at the Students' Union is having a good story to tell the next day about the fit person you got with while you were both on a sugar rush from VK.

The Lash is already fun, but pulling a rugby boy or some other fitty in the SU enhances the complete experience of a Wednesday night out.

So to make sure you always have a story to gossip about the next day with your housemates, here's a little guide to help you pull every time you go to the SU.

Scout out the area properly…like seriously

Without a doubt, it's important to know your targets. The best way to scout out your fitty is to find a good vantage point. Don't be afraid to walk up that spiral staircase to the balcony and look down at the sweaty pit below. A clear birds eye view is what you need to spot the best. On a plus note, the bar upstairs often has a shorter queue as well – so it's a win win situation.

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Just tryna find my future boyf x

Don't be afraid to make eye contact

When you return to the dance floor to make your move, locate the fitty you spied and make sure they notice you. Don't be too full on, but it is always important to establish good eye contact. But it is also essential that you don't forget to look away for a second before looking back, it's a flirting ritual that can't be ignored.

Move towards someone in fancy dress

They'll probs have good banter and be up for a chat. And at least if you're both dressed like idiots you can bond over that and the fact the new society you joined has cray socials.

Dance near the front to act cool

In order to appear not bothered about pulling, dance right at the front of the crowd. You've got to show you're just there for the music, because everyone knows that complete disinterest in other people signals that you really want to get with someone.

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Love at first sight

Flaunt your VK in the air

VK are the quintessential Cardiff Uni accessory, so if you want to pull next Wednesday, make sure you always have one in hand to show that you know what you're doing, and to prove that you're not from Met. You're effortlessly cool with those four sweet bottles of orange and passionfruit, so let everyone know it.

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Actually strike up a conversation in the smoking area

Not many realise, especially in first year, but the smoking area is literally THE social hub of the SU, and the perfect place to make first contact with the fit people out there. Even if you don't smoke, go outside for a bit of fresh air and pretend you've lost your lighter, or if you're feeling brave, ask for a cig. If they say yes, you've got an automatic conversation starter and you've officially broken the ice.

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Gravitate your dancing circle towards your target

This especially applies if you've just been out smoking and struck up a friendship with your fitty. The next step is to try and dance near your chosen individual to ensure they don't forget who you are, even bump into them and say "oops!!" if it strikes up conversation. Bonus points if you dance within their eye-line, so they're forced to look at you.

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Call me

Hover around the Snack Shack and bond over the chips

The lighting is better, it's less sweaty and it's easier to get your words out. This is the place where you can actually tell whether you've pulled a diamond. Plus, if you pull your fitty here, they might even buy you a cheeky cheeseburger for the way home.

Offer them some of your VK because sharing is caring

The final step in the process, once you've established some sort of bond, is to flirtatiously offer them a sip of your VK through a straw. The classic element of the much loved VK bottle combined with the euphemistic act of sucking it through the straw will ignite a passion between you and your fitty and you will definitely pull. And if this doesn't work, go back to step one.

Now you have the tips, there's nothing to stop you pulling whoever you want, with their permission of course.