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A Cardiff Medic won £25,000 on The Chase

He said he will spend the money on takeaways

Luca Galvani is a third year medic at Cardiff Uni who won £25,000 on Monday night's episode of The Chase.

He was part of a team of four who won the largest amount ever on daytime TV – £100,000.

Luca is President of Cardiff Medics Hockey, and when asked how he'd spend his winnings, he responded saying he would buy "two takeaways a day until he graduated and buy one from The Ritz".

The team answered 21 questions correctly but this was increased to 22 when the Chaser messed up.

On The Chase, contestants must answer a series of general knowledge questions to get points. Then the Chaser, Anne Hegerty, has to get more points to stop the contests winning any money.

The team then has to answer all the questions that the Chaser got wrong.

One of Luca's highlights on the show was when he was asked "Who is the sister of He-Man?” and he answered, “She-Man”.

The Chase is looking for new contestants so I know what I'll be doing with my day.