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Cardiff’s first swingers club has just opened

Cardiff Bay are spicing things up

Cardiff's very first swingers club, named Number 19, opened in Cardiff Bay this month.

With four floors catered for "adult party, chill, full and soft swinging voyeurism, exhibitionism, couples and single women", Number 19 has filled the gap in the market for the growing numbers of exhibitionists in the Welsh region.

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The club first opened its doors last week in West Bute Street, Cardiff Bay.

Boasting five playrooms comprised of showers, baths, lockable cages, straps, whips and plans for a fully functional dungeon, Number 19 is open to all sexuality and gender.

If you're a single woman, you are in for a treat with free entry. Whilst if you're in a couple, it costs £25 and a whopping £40 if you're a single male.

In a statement, the owner of Number 19 said:

"Friday and Saturday, we are open to the public but it is very flexible at the moment where we find out what people want. The scene seems huge in Wales."

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The club also has a set list of rules, spanning from a restricted-phone usage policy to fees for bringing alcohol.

If you don't fancy being caught joining the doing bits society in Bute park, head over to West Bute Street.