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Ok so this ‘fuck off freshers from the library’ thing has got to stop now

I’m pretty sure we all have to pay that hefty 9k hun

Us freshers have had the time of our lives- boozing, banging and snoozing. It's been one long hangover, but now the exam season is upon us and it's at this point we realise we've learnt next to nothing from our lectures. It's at this time we actually follow the normal routine of breakfast, library, sleep and repeat.

But the thing is, we're not without criticism on how we're approaching our exams. All we've heard is "why the fuck are these freshers in the library" or "fuck off freshers this is our library". Well the truth is hun, no one owns this library and we can all use it regardless of what year we are in. On behalf of freshers far and wide, here's why this criticism needs to stop.

It's not a choice, we actually have to sit exams

Look, none of us want the exams, especially because second and third year exams actually count towards their degrees and ours don't. But that doesn't necessarily mean we are free from sitting them and can keep being reckless freshers. We have to know what's going on, we can't exactly sit in a two hour exam with no answers. Trust me, we'd be miles away from the library if we didn't have to sit these exams, but we do to carry on with uni, so we'll keep strolling into those library doors if you don't mind.

Have you actually seen our tiny rooms in Halls?

Believe me, we have tried revising in our box rooms before, and it does not work. There's an extractor fan that goes on for decades, the rowdy workmen have conversations by shouting at one another, and there's one particular guy that loves to blow leaves around the place. There's just far too much going on and to add to that, your mum tries to FaceTime you every hour. The library is the only place we can retreat to.

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Studying straight outta bed is a no.

The people telling us to fuck off, were freshers last year

It's funny really, they now think they can pass along the insults just because it isn't them. But to be fair, I guess in September we will realise how annoying and screechy the new first years really are. We aren't all that bad though.

We still have to pass

Forty per cent is a number we don't ever forget. For us freshers, it's our bare minimum pass mark, because that does exist and we do actually have to prove we can reach that to stay in uni. I mean we don't need to work a lot for that minimum pass, but we still need to work- so library it is.

The magic number

I don't see a 'NO FRESHERS' sign in the ASSL

My student card works, does yours work? Of course it works, because FRESHERS ARE ALLOWED IN THE LIBRARY. If anything, that lovely green light when we're scanned in is rather welcoming. We've only ever caused disturbance in first term when we didn't know we had to scan a book to leave. Lol the embarrassment.

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Omg look, even freshers can go through these barriers.

We have a 9k debt too

We've already realised that we've learnt nothing, so we do begin to wonder what the 9k is actually for? But oh yeah, it's for unlimited use of the university services, which includes the library. Time to get our money's worth then.

The comfort is irresistible

We all know halls aren't the most comfortable places, especially when we only have a choice of a kitchen chair or a single bed. Bed will lead to Netflix and a nap, and the kitchen chair means we'll scrounge around for snacks. The library, and it's lovely red chairs, is the best offer we have. And let's be fair, no matter who they are, everyone has a little chat by the red chairs so cut us freshers some slack. We just miss the sofa life.

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Sofas glorious sofaaaas.

So, pretty please stop telling us to fuck off from our own library. We all have exams to sit. Unfortunately we can't be reckless freshers all year round and we do have to have a library sesh every now and then.

So let's all just hold hands in the ASSL and sing kumbaya together for the peace making.