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Let’s face it, History is the best degree out there and here’s why

You’re lying to yourselves if you think otherwise

"It's boring" they say, "why learn about things that have already happened?" they say. Little do these people know that History is actually one of the most skilful and respected degrees out there.

Sure, we have a few (well more like 100) books to read, and the lectures make us wanna slam our heads on the desk and nap, but would we really swap our interesting and thought-provoking degree for anything else? With the likes of Physics and Maths out there, definitely not. Here are the real reasons why our degree is the bee's knees.

It teaches us how to win any argument

If you're lucky enough to study History, you know that majority of your feedback will always include the words 'argument' and 'evidence'. We've been programmed to always back up our thoughts with facts, which is why most of us historians have hundreds of screenshots clogging up our camera roll. You just never know when you can whack one of those bad boys out and prove your boyf wrong. It's a skill we learn, we are always right and we will always have the last word in any argument. Just save yourself the energy and never argue with a historian.

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You meet the craziest, most eccentric lecturers to be had

Sure, they may bore you to sleep with their monotonous voice and make you want to headbutt the wall eight times consecutively, but they're quite the characters. The classic Harry Potter specs, out of control eyebrows and tartan waistcoat. You think "yeah Harold, love your style, keep up the good work."

They'll always tell you about one of their five books, or that one time they co-edited a historical work with Geoffrey Elton himself. They may even throw in the cheeky dad joke every now and then (just pretend you're laughing out of pity not because your sense of humour is just as cheesy).

Everything we learn is on Wikipedia anyway

Give those 9am lectures a miss because we all know Wikipedia is right- no matter what they say.

We get to have our ball in Cardiff Museum

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Pretty peng if you ask me.

You can fluke pretty much any seminar by just having an opinion

Hate the Nazis? Think Russia is a psycho state? Reckon Henry VIII was a man slut? You'll do great in your seminar. You legit don't even need to know any detailed facts, as long as you're good at waffling and know how to repeat the same thing but in 10 different sentences, your seminar tutor will love you for your efforts. Just brace yourselves for your fellow course mates to think you're utterly thick and talk shite for the sake of it.

Revision is actually entertaining, hear me out

People may think history revision is a daunting and hell-like task, but in reality, we make the most entertaining revision notes. Your entire flash card pack are basically just pile ups of juicy goss, "Lizzy was a virgin", "Henz always thought with his dick", "Mary was the definition of modern psycho gal", "the Bolsheviks were just fuckboys", the list goes on…

Just remind yourself though, your lecturer probably won't appreciate those remarks, and writing formally in the exam will give you a better chance of actually passing your exams. But at least you can get away with watching historically accurate TV programs such as The Tudors and Horrible Histories.

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You probs have a lit group chat name

Squad goals

We only have eight contact hours a week

Can you believe some people actually have to spend more than twenty hours in uni? Surely that's like, illegal, right? Only having 8 hours a week makes that 10am on a Monday much more bearable.

To be fair, it should be more than eight hours when you factor in the minimum of 40 pages of reading for one seminar prep, but I mean, none of us actually do that… do we?

We get to experience the archive floor of the ASSL

Not many Cardiff Uni students get to set their eyes on such cultural treasures, so us historians are treated like VIPs in this case. The special collections are so precious and unique that we have to place them on a special cushion just to read them. Doubt you law students have cushions for books on your beloved second floor.

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You little historical gems xx

Annual Toga Toga socials

It wouldn't be history if we didn't turn up to Pryzm every year dressed as Julius Caesar.

Loads of famous people did history

Louis Theroux, Jonathan Ross, Sasha Baren-Cohen and Prince Charles all have history degrees. Apparently Shakira also completed a degree in ancient history in between her tours. If it's good enough for the royals, it's good enough for us, and who knows, we could be making documentaries in a few years time.

History gives the best opportunities for memes

If you have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram -which is pretty much 99.999% of the population- then there is no doubt you've come across a history meme. To be fair, even your nan has probably seen her fair share. To prove my point, here's a couple for you to enjoy:

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So you non-historians may argue that your course is the best out there, but until you've studied history you will never know just how great it is.

Respect to my fellow historians for making such a class degree choice.