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How to plan the worst date possible in Cathays

Why bother walking more than five minutes to get anywhere?

Ah Cathays, the home of too many takeaways to count; the unofficial student village of Cardiff and arguably the worst place possible to take someone on a date.

First, pick the day for your date

Wednesday is the most lit night in Cathays, so it makes sense to plan your date for this evening as everyone will be out and you can show off Cathays in its prime.


Start by going for a light snack

As any true Cardiff student knows, the best place for food is the Lidl bakery. Tons of choice and not too pricey. Plus the long queues will give you time to get to know your date.

Pick a location

As we all know, Lidl is lacking a cafe and so you will need to go somewhere to consume your feast. Turn it into a picnic date and go to the ASSL. This has the added bonus of showing your date that firstly, you are a committed and dedicated student and secondly that you can multitask. There is no room for awkward silences here, as you cannot talk to one another.

Show off your skills as a social butterfly

Take your date down the road to The Taf. No not a cute stroll alongside the river, but the cheapest of drinks in all the land. You can meet your mates to vet your date for you. It's always a good idea to prove you're not a socially isolated weirdo and do indeed have friends, incase your date thinks otherwise.

Get a change of scenery

After a couple of bevs in the Taf, it's nice to stretch your legs and go on a little walk down the road to the Vulcan. Wednesday night is social night and so it will be buzzing and again there will be no awkward silences as you can barely hear one another over the noise of all the sports societies. Bonus points if you belong to one of the societies and get to show off your drinking abilities to your date.

My second home

Finally, go for food (again) to sober you both up

After your top notch evening it would be a nice idea to go and get a proper meal, and where better to do this than Mama's? Chips are the way to anyone's heart and you can snuggle up to each other on the sofa whilst you wait for your food. Make sure your date pays for their own food though, student loans are running out and money is tight. They will understand.

Whilst Cathays is an amazing place to live, it is not really an ideal location for a date to take place if you want anything to actually come of it.

Just suck it up and spring for a Dragon taxi into town, your date will thank you.