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A quick update on Cafe 37 since the moment ‘that’ student ran straight through the window

Don’t worry, your hangover cure is safe

A month after the student ran into the window of to Cafe 37, I returned to see how this event has impacted the business.

Niall McCormack, the owner of the business, kindly took a few minutes out of his day to answer a few questions now the window has been replaced.

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The front window took a lot longer than the original estimate, and it was two weeks before the glass was refitted into the storefront; and ended up costing approximately £3500 to replace. Some of this was covered by insurance taken out on the cafe, however Mr McCormack estimates it has come at a personal cost of around £1500.

This was not the only financial implication of the drunken action as the business within the store was quite significantly affected and therefore the total cost is much greater. Mr McCormack has managed to discover the name of the perpetrator and is contacting him personally today. This was through his own efforts though, as the male in question has had no ownership of his mistake and has not made any effort to contact Cafe 37 and apologise or attempt to rectify this situation.

Drunk student smashes through Cafe 37's Window

When you just can't wait until the morning for Cafe 37 Breakfast

Posted by The Tab Cardiff on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

When we spoke, Mr McCormack was very understanding, saying 'we were all young and stupid once', however understandably he is still looking to be recompensed for the incident.

There has apparently been limited involvement from South Wales police, aside from taking a recording of the CCTV footage from the night in question, not much aid has been given to Cafe 37.

Moving forward, Mr McCormack has reinstalled shatterproof glass in order to minimise injuries in case this happens again and continues to have CCTV cameras outside the storefront but admits that this is as far as prevention goes, and that they just have to 'hope for the best' that this was an isolated event.

Mr McCormack also thanked The Tab Cardiff for our support and says that many students have come in and offered their condolences for the window and have all been very supportive during this period and he is very grateful for this outpouring he has received.