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There’s going to be a nightclub opening in Cathays next to Gassys

It’s going to be open until 4am

A new club venue on Salisbury Road is set to open this April after the venue was approved for late night music and alcohol sales.

The Tab Cardiff can exclusively reveal the name of the club as The Salisbury.

The new club, which will be next to Gassy's and Fortune House, is aiming to make Thursday its big night. The manager of The Salisbury told The Tab Cardiff the Thursday night will be a "disco cheese night", featuring Busted, Pitbull and Kesha of course.

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"Cathays is such a great spot for a club, and we can't see why no one else has done this," Sian Evans, the owner of The Salisbury told us. "Instead of getting the students to come to us, we thought let's bring the club to them."

The venue is limited to 200 people, with an upstairs and downstairs, which we have been told is strictly no advanced entry, meaning all tickets are to be sold on the door.

"We've been contacted by a few societies as well who said they're keen on holding socials with us too, so things are moving fast, it's really exciting," Evans told us.

Gemma, a third year student told The Tab Cardiff: "I can't wait, you can literally roll out of Gassys into the club and then into Mama's. It's the complete club night."

The venue is currently being refurbished for the official opening which the date hasn't yet been announced, but has been promised will be this April.

More to follow as Cathays is set to become even more lit.

April Fools.