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Oh the shame: All the mistakes you will undoubtedly make as a Cardiff Uni fresher

Regrets, regrets

Now that the uni year is over halfway through and exams are rapidly approaching, it's time to reconsider some lifestyle choices. Whilst this doesn't mean never going out and living in the library, here are a few mistakes we all need to learn from our classic Cardiff freshers' experience.

Spending all your student loan on VKs

This was obvs going to be on the list. When your loan first went in, it seemed like it would be more money than you'd ever be able to spend, but flashing the cash at YOLO and Juice soon ruined you. With the ability to get four VKs for £10, you were soon left with a blue tongue after one too many and an empty bank account. It's time to change your ways, be smart, go to Live Lounge and do the £1 tequila shots- you will need them to survive the experience.

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We like to drink with Milly…

Going to Pryzm more than once a week

Ah Pryzm, the classic fresher night out. With club bangers all night and so many different rooms to choose from, it seemed like you could never get bored. But once the first term ended and you realised how many different nights out there are in Cardiff, Pryzm made its way to the bottom of the list. Although, you're probably still tempted by the sweet melodies of the Disco Room and a novelty appearance from a Z-list celeb.

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Feed em to the lions

Living off takeaways

With Fattoush on the walk home to Taly, Maccies in town and endless Dominoes discount codes (seriously though how did they get our numbers), getting drunk food is so easy it becomes a routine part of the night out or just general everyday fresher life.

You can tell yourself it helps to ease the hangover, but when you're going for your fourth takeaway in two days, you need to start facing some home truths. Your wallet and waistband will thank you. Cheesy chips isn't the brain food you need to pass those exams- get yourself some kale.

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Chips and curry sauce all the way

Getting with your housemates

From the day Josh moved in you kind of had a crush on him, but your rational, sober mindset stopped you from doing anything about it. Skip to losing one game of On the Bus too many, and suddenly you need to change flats to avoid the awkward conversations in the kitchen for the rest of the year.

This is probs a key mistake to avoid next year when you've signed a years long contract to be stuck in cramped house in Cathays. You won't be able to avoid Josh when he's sharing a bathroom with you.

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You'll regret it in the morning

Losing your keycard

At first, a keycard seemed like a dream and so much more convenient than an actual key. You never lose your ID, so how could you possibly lose a keycard? But in the cold light of day when you're having to fork out £10 for a new one, you will wish you had a traditional key you could wear on a lanyard around your neck. That's cool, right?

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It's called fashion, look it up.

Having to do an all-nighter in the ASSL

When everyone keeps reminding you that 'first year doesn't count towards your grades' and with forty per cent seeming so easily achievable, it's easy to leave your work until the night before the deadline. But when the panic sets in, you will never be more grateful that the ASSL is open 24 hours, or the fact that they have a coffee machine downstairs. It's a lonely experience though, so learn from your mistakes and stop procrastinating.

The only benefit is, you have an excuse to spend the rest of the next day in bed. Something which freshers don't get to do very often…

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Let's be honest though, despite how much you keep telling yourself you will change, the likelihood is that you will continue to make these mistakes over and over. But hey, at least you will have some good stories to tell.

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Freshers? Completed it mate.