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A Cardiff student had her extenuating circumstances form sent to another student

The form contained confidential information

A Cardiff University Journalism student was shocked to find that her extenuating circumstances form had been sent to another student by mistake.

The error was noticed by a JOMEC student when she received an email from the university with a form attached, containing confidential details regarding another student.

When the university realised their errors, they didn't contact the student whose private information had been disclosed and instead asked the person who received the information to delete the email.

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The journalism student, who we have not named, had applied for extenuating circumstances as the strikes had disrupted her learning.

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When we contacted the journalism student to see if she was aware of the situation, she told us: "Before you came to me I had absolutely no idea that my information had been shared. The uni has not made any effort to let me know about this and I don't think they plan to either.

"There's a lot of stuff in the news at the moment about the importance of data protection and in doing this the uni have obviously breached it, as this is a current issue I feel quite uncomfortable about the whole situation."

Although the student affected will not be submitting a formal complaint, she expressed her frustrations over the inability of the university to admit their faults.

"Extenuating circumstances forms can be very personal and are submitted with the understanding that it will be treated with discretion. I understand that everyone makes mistakes but I think the uni should have made more effort to be transparent with me about this."

Cardiff University did not respond to a request for comment.

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