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Freshers, rest your legs because Talybont has just opened a new 24/7 social and study space

It even has a pool table

Cardiff first years living at Talybont will no longer have to endure a lengthy trek to the ASSL to access 24/7 study facilities, as a new social and study space has opened at Taly this week.

Students must scan their university ID cards to get into the facilities, which will remain open 24 hours a day, for seven days a week. Although the revamped Social Centre will mainly appeal to freshers, it will be available for all Cardiff University students to use.

Previously known as the Talybont Social Centre Pub, this space has been newly refurbished and is now equipped with Eduroam wifi, individual and group pods, USB chargers and power sockets.

Although the bar is no longer open, students can still enjoy the table tennis and pool tables to help them de-stress during breaks from their work.

What a great way to procrastinate.