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BREAKING: Cardiff lecturers will continue to strike as Cardiff UCU rejects UUK’s offer

They’re now trying to lobby the Welsh Government for help

Cardiff UCU have rejected the offer made by Universities UK on staff pensions and will continue to strike in attempt to reverse the decision.

This comes after three weeks of strike action, where no deal has yet been made.

The vote according to UCU, was unanimous in rejecting the offer from UUK.

Later today Cardiff UCU have said they are attempting to lobby the Welsh Government to support the strikers in attempt to reverse the decisions made to pensions.

The meeting took place at Cathays Park, as the community centre where last week Vice Chancellor Colin Riordan held an open meeting, couldn't contain the number of people.

The hashtag #nocapitulation has trended on Twitter, as across the rest of the country UCU have said they will continue to strike unless a deal restoring the pensions is made.

More is expected to follow.