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Prepare yourself for the alternative “nerd” Varsity

If you watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’ you can’t come

Calling all dungeon masters, introverts and Jedi masters, commencing on the 12th of March and running until the 18th there will be an alternative 'sporting' event for those who are more inclined to worlds of fantasy.

The Sci-Fi, Fantasy Society and Anime Society in collaboration with The Harry Potter Society, The Gaming society and The CRIT Society have combined to form one week to rule them all! "NERD" VARSITY.

If physical sporting prowess isn't your thing, or if you just have a passion for Quidditch this is the week for you.

So Pikachoose some of your best mates and take part. Which "nerds" will sit upon the Iron Throne of victory and which will be cast into the fires of Mount Doom?!


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Just picture yourself in the place of Ned Stark (RIP)

Here is the plan for the week:

12th (7-9pm)The Little Things That Matter: a plethora of mini-activities in the Wallace Lecture Theatre including a 3DS Pokemon Tournament, a LEGO building tournament and a Manga Speed Read.

13th (5pm)The Quidditch Tournament: exactly as it sounds, we will be hosting an inter-society Quidditch Tournament in the Great Hall, complete with brooms and one crazy person who likes hugs dressed as the snitch.

14th (2pm) Sith, and Jedi, and Ninjas: a super serious lightsaber battle in Bute Park, followed by a Naruto 100m sprint.

15th (5:30-7:30pm)Video Game Championships: a tournament of video games, such as a Mario Kart Tournament and a Smash Brothers Tournament.

16th (6pm)The Resting: an Anime film night (Ghibli) in the Wallace Lecture Theatre, followed by a trip to the amazing Kongs Bar, to play a variety of 80's and 90's arcade games.

17th (2:30)Board Gaming Championship: a tournament of several different board games on the 4th floor of the Students’ Union.

18th (8pm)The Quiz: the ultimate nerd challenge; a general nerd knowledge quiz in the Great Hall, with one round dedicated to each society’s special interest. After this event, the winning society of Nerd Varsity will be crowned!

You will be supplied with a headband in your society's colour on the day. All events cost £1 to enter and the Quiz on the last day is an extra £1, all money will go to the societies respective charities so take part and your "nerdom" will all be for a good cause!

Muggles not welcome.