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Cardiff student abused by Vegan activists for eating egg sandwich as she was on the way to volunteer at a refugee camp

They said she had no humanity

A Cardiff Uni third year was attacked by vegan activists for eating an egg sandwich, who said "she had no humanity" whilst on the way to volunteer in Calais helping refugees caught at the border.

Roxanne Bainbridge, who studies Social sciences, was sitting at Kings Cross Station when the incident occurred, as she was having a quick bite to eat before getting the train to help those in need at the refugee camp.

Roxanne did however give the activist a sharp reply by saying "babe, I'm on my way to Calais to volunteer with refugees, people who need our support. I deserve my egg butty, also, I would love to know where you got your make up and docs from."

Roxanne told The Tab Cardiff that the ordeal was "quite shocking" and that "maybe people shouldn't be so quick to judge."

She went on to say that "this work is important for me as asylum seekers and refugees get a bad reputation in the UK, an undeserved one based on lies and stereotypes."

"I wanted to hear first hand the journey people had made to reach Calais and help people who are helpless and are treated like second class citizens."