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Someone ran into Cafe 37’s front window last night and managed to smash through it

Is nowhere safe any more?

Last night at 3am the police were called to Cafe 37 on Salisbury Road by the upstairs neighbours after they had heard a disturbance. The large glass window of the store has been completely smashed after being, apparently deliberately, run into by a clearly intoxicated male.

Robert Pearce, a second year History student at Cardiff Uni, first noticed the window on his way back from a night out at approximately 2.45am and raised the alarm on both Facebook and Twitter. He assumed that it had been broken out of as all the glass smashed on the outside of the building and says 'it's a bit of a shame to be honest'.

Drunk student smashes through Cafe 37's Window

When you just can't wait until the morning for Cafe 37 Breakfast

Posted by The Tab Cardiff on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The owner of the cafe, Niall McCormack, was called out to the scene when the police were alerted and says that aside from one incident with the door of the building, this is the first time in eight years that anything like this has occurred. The cafe is insured, but due to the excess it is likely to cost the business around £800 to repair, and due to the size of the glass needed it will have to be ordered and is expected to take until the end of the week to reinstall.

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Mr McCormack provided The Tab Cardiff with the CCTV footage and says 'luckily it was shatterproof glass, he could have been seriously injured'.

South Wales Police have been contacted for a response.